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Solving The Problems Of Voice and Video Messaging

We're all on different schedules, so we either don't communicate as often as we might like or choose text to communicate to create less of a disturbance. With OrbMi we wanted to create a solution for our most meaningful network...a more direct, convenient, better interaction with the people we want to speak to or hear from.

Send your voice or video messages freely without disruption. Don't miscall or text their mobile device to connect. Just Orb your loved ones instead!

Finally… Better Messaging At The Perfect Time, Every Time

OrbMi is a location-based messaging app for your friends and family. You can choose a location and people can send voice and video messages to you at that location. Send someone a message for when they get home (or to work) and it is delivered when they get there.

Coming to the App Store and the Play Store soon!

Location-Based Delivery

OrbMi provides messaging for voice and video messages to your friends and family, with the added value of location-based delivery. With OrbMi, you can send someone a message for when they get home, and they actually get it when they get home. You can add any number of locations, and you can add as many of your friends as you want into your “Orbit”. Send messages whenever YOU want, and they get them in the location where they can actually listen to your voice and watch your video.

Try it for yourself and see how you can use OrbMi to communicate with voice and video better and more conveniently with the people you want to hear from and see more often.

Communication Without Interruption

OrbMi Encourages more frequent voice communication with your loved ones, letting them reach you when you are done with your day. Video and voice are not convenient to receive unless you are in a place where you can actually watch and listen. With OrbMi, it is always the right time to send a message and you will never wake someone up or reach them when they are out and busy. Messages are delivered only when they are back in one of the locations they have set up to receive those messages. You can send yourself reminders to your own locations too, which is great for to-do reminders and other location-based notifications.

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